About Japanese Imports

This section contains a whole range of posts about Japanese imports. Ways to buy a Japanese import car, parts, servicing, insurance and many more subjects will be covered in this section.

Graphic introducing car acronyms with a play on a popular British saying, with a background of a Japanese car auction sheet.
Car acronyms explained! Importing cars from Japan involves reading a lot of acronyms.  You might find car acronyms: On a Japanese car auction sheet. On import/export quotes and paperwork. In car literature and advertisements. I’ve put together a list of the acronyms I’ve encountered whilst buying and importing cars from […]

Japanese car acronyms

I’ve already covered why you’d want to buy a car imported from Japan.  In this post I’ll deal with the how. There are a few different methods.  I’ll describe them below, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each as I see them.  Some of the advantages and disadvantages are common […]

Routes to buying a car imported from Japan