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What is the Honda Mobilio Spike?

Picture of a black 2004 Honda Mobilio spikeA 5 seater compact minivan with ‘interesting’ external appearance and superb interior functionality and flexibility.

The Honda marketing materials talk of ‘metal ingot styling’ and refer to the car as a ‘rugged toolbox.’  Several people questioned my sanity when I expressed an interest in this car.  I think it looks quirky in a good way, you may not agree!

There is also a 7 seater version of this car, the Honda Mobilio.  Much more staid in appearance, the loss of the metal ingot styling hasn’t done it any favours in my view.

Why you’ll want one

The interior design and functionality are excellent.  Honda called it ultra cargo.  There are so many clever features to enable you to transport long stuff, tall stuff, wide stuff, lots of stuff….oh and people too.  Five ‘modes’ are used to describe this functionality: Utility, Long, Twin, Refresh and Adjust.  Click the link above for more information on these modes from Honda.

Twin sliding rear doors for added practicality.

The engine is a slightly larger and more powerful 1.5 litre version of the excellent 1.4 litre VTEC engine found in the Honda Jazz (aka Fit).

Why you might not want one

I’ll admit it is possible you won’t like the looks of this car.  Maybe metal ingot styling isn’t your thing.

The CVT gearbox.  This was the deal breaker for me.  There have been a lot of problems reported with the CVT gearbox on the Honda Jazz.  Honda has extended the warranty on these cars to 7 years for the CVT.  I think it is likely that the Honda Mobilio Spike has the same gearbox, although I have not been able to confirm this.  Many of the problems with this gearbox seem to be resolved with regular transmission fluid changes (make sure the correct fluid is used), but there do seem to be further problems not so easily remedied.

Look out for

2004-2005 Honda Mobilio Spike rear view CVT gearbox problems.


An interesting and extremely practical car that didn’t catch on in Japan.  I would be very tempted to try one were it not for the CVT reliability worries.

Are there any similar alternatives?  I’d suggest having a look at: Toyota bB, Nissan Cube Cubic, Toyota Sienta.

Get in touch or ask a question in the comments section if you’d like to learn more about any of these cars.


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2 thoughts on “Honda Mobilio Spike

  • Adam

    Hi Andrew, I have a Spike and she is an all round great mini van. Not too big and not too small, great for a family of 4 or 5 and runs to the dump or moving furniture etc.
    Can I ask if you know what transmission fluid she needs and where I can get oil filter and what oil she needs please? Many thanks

    • Andrew Post author

      Great to hear you’re enjoying your Honda Mobilio Spike!

      As far as service items go, I’d expect them to be the same as or very similar to those for a CVT Honda Jazz. If you want to use Honda parts, a UK Honda dealer should be able to find your car using the chassis number and supply the correct parts.

      To get to the details of your query, for the transmission fluid I would only use genuine Honda CVT fluid.

      For the oil filter, I believe the Honda part number is 15400-RTA-003. Blueprint make an alternative.

      Finally regarding oil, this is one of those things where asking 10 different people would likely yield 10 different opinions. If it was my car I would use a fully synthetic 5w-30 oil.