Things I’ve found in cars imported from Japan

We do so much in, with and to our cars.  They invariably collect accessories, toys and forgotten possessions along the way.

When the time comes for a new owner and a car is passed on, snapshots of the previous owner are sometimes left behind.  I love the insights that these forgotten or overlooked items can give into a car’s previous life and owner.  This post is a showcase for some of these items, found in cars imported from Japan either as I’m fitting fog lights or when giving the interior a thorough clean prior to sale.  It will grow gradually over time as more items are found!

Child’s artwork

This one really touched me because it looks to have been created for someone, and certainly not for being left behind in the old family car and shipped half way round the world.  A little bit of me wanted to find the address of the previous owner of the car and post it back to them.Heart-shaped school work found in imported Japanese car

Polishing kit for paint protection system

I love the fact that this product, sold in Japan, has a picture of the iconic British taxi on the front of the leaflet…..and that it came into my possession when I imported it to Britain from Japan inside a secondhand Japanese car.

CPC paint sealant kit found in an imported Japanese car

Jump leads in a fleecy bag

Found in a rear storage compartment on a Nissan Elgrand.  They don’t look like they’d take the current needed to start an Elgrand, but I’m sure they will come in handy for something.  And if the leads don’t, the fleecy bag certainly will!

Curly jump leads in a fleece Bridgestone bag, found in an imported Japanese car

Hair bobble and medication

Found in the pocket on the back of the passenger seat.  I wonder what the medication is for?  Travel sickness perhaps?  If you recognise it, I’d love to know!

Hair bobble found in an imported Japanese car

That’s all for now – I’ll keep looking and add to this post as I find more things.

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