Picture of AndrewAbout Andrew’s Japanese Cars

I’m passionate about imported Japanese cars.  I started Andrew’s Japanese Cars as a blog to provide inspiration and information on Japanese import cars.  I’m based in the UK, but hopefully a lot of the information will be of interest on a general level wherever you are in the world.

Why pay for a car to be transported halfway round the world?  There are so many options available, often representing more interesting and better quality alternatives to the majority of the native UK second hand car stock.  Has the UK market ever had the equivalent of a van named after and shaped like a snail?*   Don’t think so!

My aim is to help those wondering about an imported car by providing good quality up to date information about cars available for import from Japan.  There will also be the occasional UK market Japanese car featuring when the fancy takes me.  The information in these posts will come from a combination of direct experience of ownership and discussions with experts in Japan.

I hope the site inspires you to buy a car imported from Japan!

*Nissan S-cargo (escargot is the French word for snail)