About Japanese Imports

This section contains a whole range of posts about Japanese imports. Ways to buy a Japanese import car, parts, servicing, insurance and many more subjects will be covered in this section.

Where is the rear fog light?

Picture of a rear fog light on a Nissan Cubic

I’ve read a few posts recently, in which people are asking “where is the rear fog light?” or alternatively “where is the rear fog light switch?” This is my response to reading those posts, and it may turn into a…

Japanese import towing weights

Picture of Toyota Alphard chassis plate to illustrate Japanese import towing weights

Why are Japanese import towing weights important? A lot of the popular vehicles being imported from Japan at the moment are large, with big engines and loads of torque.  These characteristics generally make for a good towing vehicle, but what…

MPow Streambot Z review

MPow Streambot Z in operation

The MPow Streambot Z is a bluetooth FM transmitter, which offers a solution to the problem of the FM radios on cars imported from Japan not being able to tune in to all our UK radio stations. Here is a…

How to: Japanese import mileage check

Picture of the odometer on a car imported from Japan: the subject of a Japanese import mileage check

“How do I know this low mileage is genuine?” This subject comes up frequently in discussions about Japanese import cars. Many used cars in Japan have extremely low mileage.  In the vast majority of cases, this is genuine.  Public transport…

Nissan Elgrand Japanese to English conversion?

Picture of the target for Nissan Elgrand Japanese to English conversion.

I was asked recently whether the buttons and interface on the Nissan Elgrand could be changed from Japanese to English.  This seems to be asked frequently, so I thought I’d post my response to the question.  The following is based…

Japanese car auction grades

A picture of a car auction sheet showing the location of Japanese car auction grades

Introduction to Japanese car auction grades When cars are entered for sale at Japanese car auctions, they are inspected and a grading is assigned.  These Japanese car auction grades are really useful because they give an ‘at a glance’ insight…