Importing a car from Japan

This section contains information about importing a car from Japan, including an overview and detailed information about the process.

Japanese import car recalls

Stickers indicating Japanese import car recalls have been done

Japanese import car recalls – what are they? As you would expect, Japan and the Japanese car manufacturers have systems in place for recalling cars to address safety and reliability issues. It can be both important and informative to check…

How much does car shipping cost?

Car shipping costs are calculated according to a car's measurements
How much does car shipping from Japan to the UK cost? It's based on the number of cubic metres occupied by the car. Worked example included.

How to: Japanese import mileage check

Picture of the odometer on a car imported from Japan: the subject of a Japanese import mileage check

“How do I know this low mileage is genuine?” This subject comes up frequently in discussions about Japanese import cars. Many used cars in Japan have extremely low mileage.  In the vast majority of cases, this is genuine.  Public transport…

Car transport from Japan

Picture of a vehicle transporter ship passing through the Panama Canal

This week, two cars I purchased at auction will leave Japan bound for the UK.  This is a good opportunity for me to tell you about car transport. Several people have asked me about shipping.  Specifically, they were concerned about…

Japanese import car registration: MOT & IVA test

Applying for a Japanese import car registration number in the UK Before applying for a Japanese import car registration number, the DVLA (UK registration authority) require you to submit the car for some sort of test.  Despite being in better…

Price and Japanese import car colours

Picture of a Toyota Alphard showing the 3 most popular Japanese import car colours

Hopefully it won’t come as too much of a surprise that the colour of a car affects its selling price. Car colours can be a big deal in the decision to purchase, and in the UK we’re in love with…