Flare in the passenger foot well of a car imported from Japan
Flare in the passenger foot well of a car imported from Japan

Cars in Japan are required to carry a red flare.  This is to be used to notify others of an emergency, such as a car being broken down on a level crossing.  In most cases your imported car will still have the flare in situ: they are usually clipped to the side of the passenger foot well.  It might be best to move it or put it in the boot with the spare wheel if you have inquisitive children!


  1. Je n’arrive pas à bien comprendre comment utiliser le voice navigation model 16067 de mon toyota alphard tout est en japonais. Quelqu’un pourra m’aidé svp

    • Hi Ricardo

      The head unit in your Toyota Alphard cannot be changed from Japanese to English or French. The best thing to do is to fit a new head unit with the functionality and language setup you require.


  2. My new imported Toyota Harrier keeps notifying me that the ETC Card is not inserted. Does the absence of the ETC Card inside its slot have any effect in the functionality of the car?

    • Hi Paul, no it shouldn’t affect the functionality of the car.

      Best wishes

    • A good question but unfortunately I don’t know the answer. I’ve got a few knocking around but I’m a bit close to an airport to test them!

  3. My dad has found a flare in his imported Volvo. Are they legal in the UK and how do we dispose of it

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