Japanese import advice

Book a call with me to discuss importing vehicles from Japan.

Do you want one to one advice on importing vehicles from Japan?

On this page you can book a personalised discussion with me about Japanese import vehicles and / or any part of the importing process.

If you have a question that you haven’t managed to answer by reading the articles on this website, this is the option for you.

If you’re looking for…

  • A personalised illustration of the costs involved in importing a vehicle from Japan.
  • Auction selling prices for your chosen vehicle.
  • Help with paperwork and registration.

…or anything else related to importing vehicles from Japan, this is your opportunity to receive one to one Japanese import advice from me, tailored to your situation.

It is available by telephone or Zoom and is billed in 15 minute blocks. Make a booking below!

Please note my expertise is in importing vehicles to the UK. If you’re outside the UK and your question is about import documentation or registration, then it is less likely that I’ll be able to help.

If you have booked and paid for an advice call, but I can’t help with your query, you will receive a full refund.

Similarly, if you pay for an advice call but buy a car from me or import a car using my services within 3 months, you’ll also receive a full refund.

Examples of Japanese import advice given to other customers

Overview of the importing process

In this case, the customer wanted to import a van themselves. They asked me to go through the process with them, from start to finish. Learning about the IVA process saved them a lot of money.

Help with completing the V55/5 form

I talked the customer through filling in the V55/5 form to register a vehicle imported from Japan.

Price calculation and budget setting

The customer wanted to understand whether they could purchase their desired vehicle within their budget. I gave a detailed explanation of the costs involved in importing a vehicle from Japan and also gave an indication of auction selling prices.

Some more background to the ‘Japanese import advice’ service

I started Andrew’s Japanese Cars as a blog in 2012 and I’m really grateful to all my readers, followers and customers for their interest and engagement over the years. Long may it continue!

However, as a result of the growth in popularity of the website, I have had to change how I respond to questions. I used to answer every question received, but now I get many more questions than I have time to answer. If I did answer them all, there would be no time left for writing articles or buying cars.

Several readers of this website asked if they could pay me to give them advice specific to their situation. I said yes and that’s how this Japanese import advice service started.