Recently sold Japanese import cars

Here are some of the cars sold recently by Andrew’s Japanese Cars.

Honda's best selling kei car. This is the turbo version for extra oomph.
Status: Sold
Really low mileage example of Honda's very popular Acty kei truck. 5 speed manual with air conditioning and 4WD.
Status: Sold
Picture showing the front right quarter of a 2012 Honda NBox Custom for sale
£ SOLD - 74,500 km, auction grade 4.5. Lovely example of Honda's best selling kei car.
2012 Honda NBox Custom GL Package with 56,000 miles. Auction grade 4.5.
Picture of the front right quarter view of a 2009 Daihatsu Hijet kei truck
2009 Daihatsu Hijet kei truck. 61,500 miles. 5 spd manual with switchable 4WD and air conditioning.
Picture of a 2011 Daihatsu Tanto for sale
Daihatsu Tanto X Special (2011). Automatic, efficient and practical kei car from Daihatsu.