About Andrew

Picture of AndrewI’m Andrew, based in the East Midlands, England.  I’ve been interested in cars (and most other things with an engine) for as long as I can remember.  This started with ‘helping’ my Dad fix the family car long before I could reach the pedals.

I love Japanese cars, and this all began about 10 years ago, when my brother in law turned up in an imported Toyota Starlet GT Turbo which, to my uninitiated eyes was vaguely reminiscent of the Subaru GL from Cannonball Run.  I’d been a huge VW fan up to this point, but had become disillusioned after my fantasia green VW Lupo suffered a string of expensive faults far too early in its life.  Faults aside it was slow….and rolled far too much in corners.  Some would cite its colour alone as a reason to discontinue ownership as quickly as possible.

The only solution was to follow my brother in law into Starlet GT Turbo ownership.  I’ve been fascinated by imported Japanese cars ever since and I regret selling this car more than any other I’ve owned.  All too often it seems the Japanese car manufacturers keep their best work for their home market.  As this site develops, I hope to feature many examples of this situation.  The only sensible solution to this is to bring these amazing cars over to the UK so we can enjoy them too!