Classic and Japanese Car Show Thoresby Park

I had a most enjoyable time at this car show last weekend.  I’ve called it the classic and Japanese car show.  The full title of the event was (deep breath) ’44th Notts Classic Event, including Classic Car & Bike Show and the East Midlands Japanese & Ford Show.’  See why I shortened it?  Whichever name we use, Thoresby Park made an excellent venue for the show.

Despite an iffy weather forecast and roads covered in salt (it had been freezing for the last few nights), there was a strong turnout of Japanese cars, motorcycles, classic cars and Fords.  I took an Alphard I’ve got for sale along to the show and was pleased to see it generated a lot of interest.  Most of the Japanese cars were in the sports/performance bracket, but the Alphard had a beautiful Hiace camper from 1977 and a mid 90s Hiace Super Custom for company.

The highlights for me car-wise were as follows:

  • Toyota Sprinter Trueno.  I know it wasn’t a hatchback, but took me straight back to watching Initial D.
  • Honda Civic RS.  A beautifully prepared car and a reminder of how much the Civic has changed (good and bad) in 42 years.
  • Nissan Cube.  I love Cubes and aside from being a great example, this one was dotted with interesting Japanese bits and bobs.  Also, there aren’t many cars with a giant pink Lego brick under the bonnet.

Bad points?  Well the range of food on offer was limited and I wasn’t too happy to pay £3 for a handful of strictly average chips.  I’d go to the cafe in the courtyard of Thoresby Hall next time!

Overall this was a fine way for a car enthusiast to spend a few hours, with a good range of imported and UK domestic market Japanese cars.  I look forward to going again next year.

Here are some pictures from the show.  Head over to my Flickr page to see more pictures.

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