Mazda Bongo Auto Free Top 2.5 Turbo Diesel

Picture of the left front quarter of Mazda Bongo auto free top 2.5 TD for sale roof up


Cheap project alert! This Bongo needs repair work and is priced accordingly. It is a 1995 M reg Mazda Bongo Auto Free Top 2.5 turbo diesel, 2WD. Please read the main advert!

This is a 1995 Mazda Bongo 2.5 TD auto free top. It was first registered in the UK in August 2004.

The odometer currently reads 214979 km, which equates to 133611 miles. It is currently clocking up in kilometers but the MOT history shows odometer readings in a mixture of kilometers and miles. Whilst I suspect this is an error on the part of the MOT testers, I have very little history with the vehicle so the odometer reading should be considered incorrect, because I have no way of verifying it.

This Bongo has a MOT until March 2019, but based on my inspection I must advise that it is not roadworthy and will need to be taken away on a trailer / transporter.

The auto free top works but the canopy requires some minor repairs.

It starts first time and idles smoothly. 

Work required

This is not a comprehensive list of all the work required. If you’re interested in this vehicle I recommend coming to have a look at it. You’re welcome to discuss it with me beforehand if this will help. Please remember this Bongo will need a thorough inspection and plenty of work before it can be used and enjoyed.

  • Welding will be required in several places.
  • Full service will be required, paying particular attention to the cooling system.  I don’t know when the coolant was last changed or if it is to the required concentration.
  • Timing belt change – I don’t know when this was last done.  I was going to do this so will include the belt, tensioner pulley and spring in the sale.
  • Brake service +/- new parts depending on what is found on the service.
  • Suspension service including some new bushes.
  • Electrical work including a thorough safety check and remedial action as required.
  • Gas and electrical safety check +/- remedial work as required for the kitchen unit in the back.
  • There are several dents as you can see from the pictures.
  • All 4 alloy wheels require refurbishment.

Work done

This Bongo was taken in part exchange and my original intention was to repair it and keep it for myself. However I’ve not had the time, so it is for sale. Due to this plan, some work has been done already:

  • The engine oil and oil filter have been changed.
  • 2 of the diesel injector pump seals (the 2 that commonly cause leaks) have been replaced.
  • The starter motor has been replaced with a secondhand unit.
  • The rear arches appear to have been repaired in the past – I don’t know when.

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