Mt Fuji Musical Road!

Japan has musical roads!

That’s right, Japan has roads that play a tune as you drive over them, to enhance your journey and driving experience!  Japan doesn’t have the monopoly on this musical road thing: I’ve seen videos of them in the USA also.  This was my first encounter with them so I thought it would be fun to share it with you here.

How does the musical road work?

Ridges in the road cause the tyres, wheels, suspension components etc to vibrate and make a certain note.  Changes in the gaps between the ridges change the frequency of vibration and so the pitch of the note.  Driving over them at the right speed plays a tune.  In this video you may notice the car starts off a little slow but the tune improves as it speeds up.

Video – driving along a section of musical road up to Mt Fuji

Apologies for the poor video quality here – I only had my old camera with me at the time.  I hope to have the opportunity to re-record it with my new GoPro  at some point.


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