Nissan Elgrand E51 Review

Key benefits of Nissan Elgrand E51 ownership

Let’s start with a summary of the key benefits of owning a Nissan Elgrand E51 as I see them:

  • Luxury transport for large families, or smaller families with lots of stuff.
  • Definitely one of the better looking MPVs.
  • Plenty of power from the 3.5 litre V6 engine.
  • Available with rear wheel drive or switchable 4WD with centre differential lock. Particularly useful if you go camping, tow things or get icy / snowy conditions in winter.
  • Good reputation as a capable towing vehicle.
Picture of a Nissan Elgrand E51 in pearl white


The Nissan Elgrand E51 is the second generation of Nissan’s premium minivan / people carrier / MPV. I’ve jumped straight to the 2nd generation because it is the most popular at the moment. I’ll try to add a similar post for the older Elgrand E50 and the newer E52 Elgrand at a later date.

The E51 Elgrand received a minor facelift at the end of 2004: earlier cars have a horizontal body coloured trim strip in the front grille (the silver car shows this) and later cars don’t (the white car further on in this post).

Engine and drivetrain

The Elgrand is available with 3.5 (240 hp) or 2.5 litre (186 hp) V6 engines. The 3.5 litre VQ35DE engine is also found in the excellent 350Z roadster (Fairlady Z in Japan) and V35 Skyline.

Both engines are available with rear or switchable 4 wheel drive via a 5 speed automatic gearbox.

Interior accommodation

The Elgrand seats 7 or 8 people depending on the trim level and seat type. The outer 2 seats in the middle are captain style seats rather than a long bench.  Where present, the middle seat doubles as an arm rest/table/storage area. Some of the higher trim levels don’t have this middle seat in the 2nd row. The 2 middle row seats can rotate to face the rear of the car. On some of the higher trim level vehicles these seats also come with built in retractable leg rests.

Picture of the interior middle row seats of a Nissan Elgrand E51 Rider
Interior of a Nissan Elgrand E51 Rider by Paul Townsend licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

The 3rd row seating is also configured as 2 ‘main’ seats at the sides with a lap belt for the 3rd person in the middle. These seats can be folded to the side for extra luggage space.

I think it is best to think of it as having luxury / spacious accommodation for 6 people, or 4 if you’ve got the 3rd row seats folded to the side for extra boot space.


There is a lot of equipment on these cars! In addition to the transmission and seating options already mentioned above, the following equipment is available, albeit not at all trim levels.

If you’d like an English language Nissan Elgrand owner’s handbook to help explain how all of this works – click here.

Exterior & Driving

  • Front fog lights.
  • HID / xenon headlights.
  • PAS/EW/EM/central locking.
  • Adjustable height steering column.
  • Keyless entry and start (smart key).
  • Radar cruise control – maintains a set distance from the vehicle in front.
  • 16 or 17 inch alloy wheels.


  • Airbags.
  • ABS with EBD.
  • Seatbelt pre-tensioners.
Picture of a Nissan Elgrand E51 from above
Nissan Elgrand E51 from above by Tennen-Gas (Own work)GFDL or CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

In car entertainment

  • Bose 9 speaker sound system (the 9th speaker is a subwoofer in the boot).
  • Roof mounted TV screen for rear passengers.  The TV part of the setup won’t work in the UK but the DVD part will.

Click here to buy an English language manual for the Nissan Elgrand AV system.


  • Leather seats.
  • Sunroof (x2).
  • Power rear door (s) with remote control operation from the key and driver’s seat.
  • Dual zone climate control.
  • Power front seats.
  • Wood trim panels.
  • Power curtains.  How have you managed for so long without these?
  • Remote control operation of climate control and sunroof.

Trim level hierarchy

This is always a complicated thing to explain on Japanese vehicles like this.  I’m going to list the ‘core’ trim levels offered.  There are some additional special editions which I won’t cover because that would make this list really long.  The trim levels are as follows, based on list price when new:

  • V – lowest (least costly) trim level.  Cloth seats, often beige in colour.
  • VG
  • Highway Star – popular middle ground trim level with half leather seats.
  • Rider S
  • Rider – high level of bling with extra chrome on the grille, bigger alloy wheels and a bodykit.  Full leather seats available.
  • X
  • XL – most expensive trim level.  Generally higher specification but slightly less bling than the Rider.  Full leather seats.

Potential downsides to Nissan Elgrand ownership

We’ve covered a lot of the good points about the Elgrand.  What about things that might put you off?

  • Fuel consumption. It weighs 1.9 to 2.2 tonnes and (in most examples) has a 3.5 litre V6 engine, so this isn’t going to be great. I reckon you’ll get 20-25 mpg depending on how you drive.
  • Reliability, build quality and durability are good, but not quite up to the standard of Toyota’s Alphard (in my opinion).

Which one to buy?  My Nissan Elgrand recommendation

I recommend the (optional) 4WD transmission with the 3.5 litre engine.  Sometimes rear wheel drive cars can get stuck fairly easily in wet boggy fields, snow, sand etc and this is why I’m recommending the 4WD. Ignore this part of the recommendation if you never encounter these woes!

I’d also recommend going for one of the darker interiors. The light interiors show up dirt much more easily, and can look dated more quickly than the darker colours. The half leather Highway Star trim level looks really smart, as does the Rider edition with Autech bodykit if your budget allows.

Picture of the rear of a Nissan Elgrand E51 Highway Star
Rear view of a Nissan Elgrand E51 Highway Star by TTTNIS (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

Alternatives to the Nissan Elgrand E51

If you’re in the market for this type of vehicle but don’t want to buy an Elgrand, the next most obvious choice is the Toyota Alphard.  I’ve  written a post comparing on Nissan Elgrand vs Toyota Alphard here. You could also have a look at a Honda Elysion.

Want something a bit smaller and cheaper? How about a Toyota Noah (or Voxy), Nissan Serena or Honda Stepwagon?

If there is anything else you’d like to know about the Elgrand, feel free to post a comment or question below.


  1. Emily O’Regan
    17/01/2016 at 04:43

    hello, i am wondering if the elgrand e51, middle utter row seats have lap sashes when the seats are rear facing? if not can they be put on? and would it be legal in Nsw australia?

    18/01/2016 at 21:49

    Hi Emily,

    Thanks for your questions. The middle row outer seats have lap belts only (no sash) when the seats are rear facing. The lap-sash belts used when the seats are forward facing are bolted to the sides of the van and wouldn’t work when the seats are rear facing. Looking at the configuration of the seats and the vehicle, I think it would be difficult to put them on.

    Unfortunately I don’t think I’m familiar enough with the Australian regulations to advise you on whether this would be legal in NSW. You could always try asking on the QLD/NSW Elgrand Facebook group:


    • No not legal. You need to get your vehicle complied at an automotive engineer and a pink plate applied. Blue plate is import plate and usually says 3 or 4 seat camper.

    • I have a Nissan elgrand ryder 2003 are the leather front seats just covers and can I replace them. If I can where can I get them from

  2. hello i am wondering where i can find the VIS system disk on the elgrand e51 2005 V2.5 model. is it below the passenger seat and how can i clean the disk

    • Hi Robert

      Do you have something resembling a DVD player under your passenger seat? In my experience the DVD player for the navigation is in the bottom compartment of the centre console, behind a latched flap.


  3. hi the dvd players do not work in the uk as they operate on the japanese region

    • Hello,
      What’s the difference between the Nissan Elgrand Highway Star and the Rider S in their levels and anything else?
      What’s better ?

    • Hi Armstrong

      Sorry to hear you need a new engine. Please send me a message to let me know where you’re based and I’ll see if I can help.


  4. I am really taken by the Elgrand. I am just wondering, how easy is it to get parts and maintain them in the uk? Will our local mechanics be able to look after it for us.

    • Hi Neil

      Thanks for your question. Most common parts are fairly easy to obtain. It is slightly more challenging than for a UK car because the registration number lookup facilities that a lot of car parts suppliers use will not work with a Japanese import. Having said that, there are plenty of specialist parts suppliers stocking all the commonly required parts. Body panels and windscreens may be slightly more challenging, but can still be obtained directly from Japan if required. Remember that many of the parts on an Elgrand are common to other Nissans sold in the UK (Navara, Pathfinder, 350z).

      Will your local mechanics be able to look after an Elgrand? Depends on the mechanic, and I think this is as much about mindset as skill set. I’ve seen some mechanics come out with things like “We can’t do that because it’s an import” or “I can’t tell you how much that will be because it’s an import.” Others will say “Well it’s still just a car” and are not at all fazed by the car being imported. Hopefully you have a local mechanic with this more positive attitude.

      In summary, most experienced and enthusiastic mechanics will be able to fix an Elgrand. This post gives some more information about parts.


  5. Hello there, we’re emigrating to NZ and hoping to purchase an Elgrand but I am so stuck on which kind and there seem to be soo many!! If I tell you the features I would prefer, please can you let me know which type is best for us pretty please?? Our budget will probably only allow for 04/05 model I’m thinking so I think it would be an E51? Soo…I would like the half or whole leather trim seats, the 4wd option, a sunroof, two buttons for electric sliding doors (think some only have one?) and reversing camera? Do you think that combination would occur? I’ve been looking for months and getting more and more confused by the day!! Really hope you can help?!! Many thanks, Emily 🙂

    • Hi Emily

      Yes a 2004-2005 car will be an E51, although as you want a 4WD, the code you’re looking for will be NE51.

      The combination you’re after certainly does exist, but might take a bit of finding! I don’t think there is a single trim level that I could guarantee would have everything you’re looking for. However I think you’re most likely to find success in a VG, X or Highway Star model.

      Best wishes for your car search!

      • Thank you for your response!! We have been the proud owners of an ’05 E51 V for the last year and LOVE it!! Perfect for a family of 6! We bought a roof rack recently to out the paddle boards on and are no looking into a tow bar… We want to borrow our friends pop-up trailer tent but cannot find anywhere the maximum towing weight!! Unfortunately we don’t have 4WD which will reduce the max weight I’m guessing. Looking into getting a tow bar fitted and it sounds like the tow bar max breaked weight is 1500kgs…but I’d love to know what the max weight for the Elgrand is? Cannot find it anywhere!! Many thanks, again! Emily

    • Hi Daniel

      I hope I’ve understood correctly that you’re asking about how an Elgrand would cope with rough roads? Despite having (in some cases) 4WD, they don’t have great ground clearance. As a result, whilst they are fairly good on loose or slippery surfaces, they wouldn’t be the best choice of vehicle for uneven or heavily potholed roads.

  6. This is the best blog I have read about Nissan Elgrand so far. I have been looking at this car for a year and finally I have made up my mind to buy.

    Is there a website can explain more about fuel consumption, Tax and insurance band etc.

    Thanks a lot

    • The insurance cost very much depends on your personal situation so difficult to give an accurate indication. Most prices I see mentioned are in the £300-800 range. I’d advise getting some quotes from a few insurers specialising in imported vehicles before buying.

      The tax will be £235 for the year based on current rates.

      Regarding fuel consumption, if you’re looking at a 3.5 Elgrand then I would base any calculations on 20 mpg.

      For more info on all of your queries you could try the Elgrand Owners Club.

  7. Hi,I have a e52 on an 03 fresh import was wondering can i make the sat nav,TV,dvd player work for use over here in the uk? Thanks.

  8. Hi i have recently purchased a E51 elgrand slightly unsure about belt location on middle seat middle row has 2 point but no belt

    • Hi Farakh

      The belts should be tucked into the 2 main seats on either side of the centre seat. There is a gap between the main cushion and the edge supports on the seat base, the belts should be tucked in there.

      Hope you find them!

  9. I bought an elgrand E51 last July, very happy, great smooth MPV, but recently in heavy rain, the power failed and the VDC and BA light come on and the car wouldn’t restart. I turned the power off and waited 5 mins, it restarted but the. BA light is permanently on!!! The brakes are fine, I have just had 4 new tyres and they checked all around the wheels, any ideas? (also the cruise control won’t work, while the BA light is on) cheers Andy

    • Hi Andy

      Glad you like your Elgrand! Sorry to hear of the problem with the BA light. I would start by trying to find a garage with a code reader that works on imported vehicles. You may need to go to Nissan for this but hopefully not – I’ve been to several independent garages where their diagnostic equipment can read fault codes on imported vehicles.

      Good luck, if you get it sorted I’d love to know what caused the problem.


    • Hi Andrew,

      I have the same issue with my elgrand, Did you ended up fixed the problems? and can you please share with me what was the problem?

      Much apprciated

  10. Hi Andrew.
    I am excited about purchasing an Elgrand E52. What puts me off tho is, the Sat Nav do not work in the U.K. Also the DVD players to not work in the U.K.

    Is it possible to have the DVD system removed and fitted with a new one and also with the Sat Nav? Also what kind of money are we in the ball park with?

    Regards Jeff.

    • Hi Jeff

      Yes it’s definitely possible to get the AV system changed. The cost is very dependent on the head unit you choose. I’d estimate £700-1000 depending on how fancy the head unit is.


  11. Looking at a elgrand import 40k miles 4wd , can smell a smoker had this car drives amazing in white 2002 6 k is that about the right price ?

    • Hi Kevin

      I’m sorry it is very difficult to comment on the price without seeing the car, the paperwork and knowing more about the specification.


    • Hi there Just wondering what colour is the beige cream seats so I can colour match it Cheers Jay

  12. Hi, I have an elgrand e51 can you recommend where I can purchase some after market curtains? Thanks

    • Hi Dean

      I haven’t needed to buy any myself so don’t have any tested sources, but you could have a look at:

      • Rakuten
      • eBay (there are usually some on here, either new or used)
      • For more generic options, a caravan shop might be worth a look

      Hope you find something suitable.

  13. Hi Andrew
    Great site thank you.

    My partner and I are thinking about buying ether an Alphard or a Elgrand and I have lots of questions ! But for now, what do you think about LPG ?
    Oh and perhaps I’ll pop another one in . I may buy from a dealer or I’ve come across great prices from a U.K. Bases japernese import agent. Any thoughts ?

    • Hi Mike

      Thanks very much for your positive feedback.

      I’m a fan of LPG as long as the system is installed properly. If you decide to go for it, please do your research on both the system to be fitted and the person fitting it. If you go for an Elgrand and have LPG installed, you might want to consider some ‘modification’ to the catalytic converters.

      I’ve written a post on the risks and benefits of buying from a UK dealer vs. importing direct from Japan here.


  14. Hi Andrew,
    I am considering an E51 Elgrand, but I’ve read there might be a potential problem with Cat converters. Is it true they need de-coring or removing so the engine doesn’t blow up ? Didn’t want to start hacking into exhaust as soon as it arrives !
    Paul from Liverpool

  15. Hi please can you help me sell my Nissan elgrand, they seem to be a very rare car that no one really wants to buy I’m struggling to find a buyer many thanks

    • Hi Katie

      I may be able to help. I’ve sent you an email asking for more information about your Elgrand.

      Best wishes

      • Hi Andrew,
        I have just purchased a 2006 Nissan Elgrand highway star
        and are trying to get a ELGRAND E51 DOUBLE DIN FASCIA SURROUND red Wood
        very nice vehicle and I would like to change stereo system.

        • Hi Kev

          It might be worth having a look on eBay, there are usually a few of these for sale on there.


  16. I have driven the noah and alphard but I now am the proud owner of the elgrand xl, and have never had a better drive9

    • Hi Gary

      Glad you’re enjoying your Elgrand. I agree the Elgrand is a more engaging drive than the Alphard. Here are some more of my thoughts on the comparison between the two vehicles


  17. Hi I no this isn’t probably of the subject
    Was just wondering are these vehicles classed as a car or a van ?

    • Hi Amanda

      If you’re referring to the DVLA taxation classes, they are taxed/registered as PLG rather than LGV.


  18. Hi Andrew, I own a E51, I’m thinking of getting a tow bar but I am getting mixed signals if it is legal or not because they don’t have a train weight on the vin plate. Watling’s sell tow bars for Elgrans and Watling’s have a good reputation. Can you advise. Thanks Andy. (I have asked advise before and you were very helpful, thank you)

    • Hi Andy

      This is a really difficult one. I actually wrote to the DVLA to ask their viewpoint on the matter and received the following response:

      “You will need to contact the vehicles manufacturer and ask them if it is legal for you to tow with the vehicles you mention.”

      Unfortunately this response didn’t really bring any clarity to the situation, especially since the vehicle manufacturer doesn’t determine the law! I have been meaning to contact them again and push a bit harder for a meaningful answer, but haven’t done so yet. When I do I’ll probably write an article about it. In the meantime I have written to the police to see whether they can clarify things. I’ll update this comment if I get anything back from them.


      • Hi there, any developments on this? Was hoping to buy an Elgrand but def need to tow a folding camper (and maybe soon a caravan if we upgrade) to it! Many thanks in advance – this site is so helpful.

        • Hi Dave

          Thanks for the great feedback. Yes I’ve since written an article on towing with Japanese imports, which may be of interest. You can find it here


    • Hi Adam, not something I’ve ever tried to do. However if I were to try doing this I’d remove the trim buttons near the base of the seat and then try to remove the lower trim panel. I’d have thought doing this would reveal some bolts holding the seat into the slider, which could then be removed.

      Hope you managed to get it removed. Let us know how you got on!


  19. hi, thanks for your excellent description of the e51 elgrand. i was wondering what the economy is like from the 2.5 litre engine and how does it compare to the 3.5 litre engine. is it under powered or quite capable and do you know if it likes being converted to lpg, thanks simon.

    • Hi Simon

      Unfortunately I don’t know much about the 2.5 litre engine. There aren’t many of them around, so I guess experience of LPG conversion is also quite limited.

      Sorry I can’t offer much insight in response to your questions!

  20. Hi from NZ, what a great website. Torn a bit between the Elgrand (speaks to my inner pimp) and the reliable Alphard (bit squashy cornering sounds like) for a daily urban driver to convert to camper. Will need the V6 for our hills and towing and preferably 4WD although not much clearance, just wet paddock escaping as you said.
    Can the rear seats in Elgrand all fold flat ? I’m looking at fresh import with about 120,000km, reliability of Elgrand is a slight concern

    • Hello and thanks for your feedback on the website!

      Yes the seats in the Elgrand do also fold flat to form a bed. It might not be quite as comfy in the middle as in the Alphard, due to the rear centre console. Actually for both cars, people tend to put an inflatable mattress or piece of foam over the top of the seats to increase comfort for sleeping use.


  21. Hi I am looking at buying an elgrand E51 but having a problem finding a suitable tow bar for my caravan its plated at 1600kg- 1700kg loaded the ones on the internet only go to 1500kg and not Ec approved hope you can help
    Look forward to your reply

  22. Hi Andrew,

    Great website and a great help both before and after purchase, so thank you.

    i have a 2004 E51 Highway Star. Mine came with no sunroof, no parking sensors/camera (although it is an option on my Sony screen), no rear dvd and only the single small, lower entertainment dash screen. Is this a standard level of trim? I can understand most of it but the lack of parking sensors/camera seems a little odd?

    Thanks again


    • Hi Tom

      The lack of reversing camera does seem a little odd, most of the Highway Stars I’ve seen do have reversing cameras. However there are so many variations in specification that it’s entirely possible yours didn’t have one. It does sound to be at the lower end of the specification scale overall.

      Other options to consider:
      -Is it definitely a highway star, rather than a lower grade model with a highway star badge stuck on?
      -Is the camera present but not working? Have a look to the left of the high level brake light.
      -Is there a space for a camera? Has it been removed?


  23. Hi
    I’m looking for elgrand highway star I’m based in South Africa. Any idea where I can get one at reasonable price.

    • Hi Lucky

      Unfortunately I cannot assist you with sourcing an Elgrand in South Africa, but wish you well with your search.


  24. Hi I’m thinking of buying a elgrand 3.5 petrol 54 reg. Is it OK for parts etc.and is it worth the extra mpg?

    • Hi Paul

      Parts availability is pretty good for most of the commonly required bits. There are usually a few being broken for spares if you need something more difficult to find.

      Regarding whether it is worth the extra MPG…do you mean compared with the 2.5? If that is what you mean, I’d say yes. If you mean compared to a car or a diesel van-based MPV, only you can decide that. It is a fantastic engine, but if you do a lot of miles the fuel costs will certainly be substantial.


  25. We are looking for a part to hold on the spare wheel any ideas where we can obtain this thank you It may be called a spare wheel bracket

    • Hi Graeme

      Have a look on eBay – there are usually a few E51 Elgrands being broken for spares, so you should be able to find one on there.


  26. Hi Andrew

    Great website, thanks for putting all this info together.
    I’ve just put a deposit down on a Rider and am wondering where I should get the car serviced once that is due, I live in the Southampton area, so should I use the local Nissan dealer, or would any mechanic be able to work on the vehicle?



    • Hi Simon

      Really pleased to read your feedback on the site – thank you for taking the time to say so.

      Some Nissan dealers are willing to tackle imports and others won’t touch them. You don’t need to go to your local Nissan dealer, but I also wouldn’t go so far as to say that any mechanic would do either. I suggest ‘testing’ any prospective mechanic out by asking them if they’ll work on imports and seeing how they respond. As with the Nissan dealer, some independent mechanics won’t touch imports and others will charge significantly higher rates ‘because it’s an import.’ Others still will say something along the lines of ‘it’s still just a car, I’m sure it will be fine’ – this is the best type of approach in my experience. I would avoid the multitude of national chains who compete mostly on price.

      The Elgrand shares a lot of running gear and parts with other Nissans, so it may well not be completely new to the mechanic.


    • Hi Edwin

      Yes they are available. I don’t have any for sale myself at the moment, but there are several E51 Elgrands being broken for spares listed on eBay.

      Hopefully you’ll be able to find a mirror on there – it might even be the right colour as there seems to be at least one example of each of the popular colours on there at the moment.


  27. Good day all . My Elgrand 2005 E51 model is stuck in 3rd or 4th gear . Reverse and park are working fine . What could the problem be .

  28. Hi I have a Nissan elgrand xl 2005 model. My Q is how can I change from 2wd to 4wd as there is no switch next to the power and snow buttons

    • Hi Richard

      You should have a 2nd row of buttons under ‘power’ and ‘snow’, labelled 2WD, Auto and Lock. There should also be an illuminated display between the speedo and rev counter, with lights on 2 or all 4 wheels to indicate 2WD or 4WD. If you haven’t got these things, then it sounds like you’ve got a 2WD Elgrand.


  29. Hi my insurance company are asking for a vehicle code for the data base so they are insuring the correct vehicle. Any idea what the code is for 2.5 elgrand rider a thanks

    • Hi Tony

      You might need to check with them again exactly what they are asking for. It sounds like they want the chassis ID, which will probably be CBA-ME51 or CBA-MNE51 if your Elgrand is 4WD.

      You could always take a picture of the chassis plate and send it to them.


  30. Can any of the rear seats be compatible with the two front seats as I need to renew the ones I have.

    • The short answer is no. I’m sure it could be done, but would be a very tricky job and it would be much simpler to find some nice front seats from a crashed Elgrand to swap for yours. There are usually a few Elgrands being broken for spares on eBay – click to have a look.

    • Hi Paul

      Apologies I don’t know the Elgrand insurance group. I think this would be something to ask your (proposed) insurer. I’d be interested to know if you manage to find out.


  31. Evening ?I have a Nissan Elgrand e51 Highway star, my side mirrors won’t close when I lock the car anymore any idea how to get them to close automatically again when I lock my car.

    • Hi Bec

      There is a switch next to the mirror position joystick to control the folding, sounds like it may have been knocked. Certainly having a look at that first.


  32. looking to buy an el grande 51 (2008 model)cant decide either the 2.5 or 3.5 any suggestions.

  33. I would like to know what the fuel preasure should be please for a nissan elgrand 2002 e51

  34. Hi Just wondering what leather colour the ELGRAND E51 AUTECH RIDER 2007?
    AS I I need to match the colour with leather spray?the colour is either cream or beige Cheers Jay

    • Hi John

      Sorry I haven’t a clue about that. Hopefully one of my readers will be able to add a more informative answer to your question.


  35. Do you know what the kerbside weight of the Nissan Elgrande is, as I cannot find any information anywhere.

    • Hi Ian

      The last E51 Elgrand I imported had an unladen weight of 2140 kg stated on the export certificate.


  36. Hi, would it all be possible to retrofit 3 full sized seats in the middle row. Not too fussed about what those seats looks like, they may come out of another mpv. We need 3 full middle seats for baby seats

    • This isn’t something I’ve done before. I’m sure it could be done but it may be simpler to get a different vehicle that has the seating arrangement you require from the outset.

  37. Info on how to fix computerised problems .
    Mechanics in australia dont seem have knowledge on imports .
    And cant find anyone to ask . Big problem
    Scanners are not picking up probs or giving
    Wrong readings .

    • Hi Margaret

      Sorry to hear it, but there are plenty of code readers that can cover the JOBD standard as well as OBD2. I’m not sure what’s available in Australia but hopefully there are some mechanics who have suitable diagnostic equipment.

  38. Very informative and helpful website. Thanks for all your hard work. We’ve just purchased an ElGrand 2006 Nismo and are really looking forward to getting it.

  39. Hi, I am looking at getting an E51, at the moment I’m looking at a rider and a rider authec, could you tell me the difference between the two please.

    Many thanks

  40. I have an Elgrand Highway Star …will a rider front grill fit on it?
    Any comments gratefully received

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