Toyota Alphard Reversing Camera Wiring

I had to test a used Toyota Alphard reversing camera recently. I’d sourced a used camera for a customer and wanted to make sure it worked before sending it out. This involved working out the Toyota Alphard reversing camera wiring, so I thought I’d write a brief article about it in case anyone else needs the information (and also for when I need the information again).

This is about the camera with part number 86790-58010, found in many 1st generation Toyota Alphards and probably other Toyota models too.

Picture of a Toyota Alphard reversing camera part number 86790-58010


The first thing to trip you up with the Toyota Alphard reversing camera wiring is that the supply voltage is 6 volts, not 12. My fancy power supply would only go down to 8 volts, and then I also had 5 volts and 3.3 volts available from my modified computer power supply. Also no good.

Luckily I had an old (very old) Nokia phone charger, which was putting out 6 volts. Ideal! You could probably also use 4 x AA batteries in series.

I’ve tried to find out the tolerance on the camera for voltage variation, but unfortunately couldn’t find any more information about this.


There are 4 wires coming out of the reversing camera plug. They are red, black, yellow and white. Here is what they’re for:

Red6 v power in
BlackNegative / ground
YellowVideo positive
WhiteVideo negative / ground
Picture showing Toyota Alphard reversing camera wiring colours

Testing the camera

I made up 2 sets of test leads with suitable pins so they could be inserted into the reversing camera plug. One set was my modified phone charger. The other was a modified phono / RCA lead that I didn’t need any more, with the pin of the phono plug connected to the yellow wire on the camera and the outer shroud to the white.

I connected the phono plug to the composite video input on my AV receiver and switched the power on.

It all worked. The picture was a little pixellated on a HD display but that’s because the screen resolution was way beyond the resolution of the camera. In the vehicle the screen and camera resolution are a much better match for each other.

That’s it!

Now you know the colours and voltage for the Toyota Alphard reversing camera wiring.

I hope this information was useful if you’re troubleshooting a camera problem or doing an aftermarket head unit installation.

If your camera is broken, feel free to get in touch if you’d like me to find a replacement for you.


  1. please my alphard v 2007, HU change to cina android , i was conected but audio still not, how?

    • I’m sorry Andri but I’m not sure what’s going on there. I hope you manage to get it sorted out.

  2. Hi, an aftermarket sound system has been fitted to my 2007 alphard V , but it appears that the camera keeps blowing the fuse , disabling the sound system. Can this be that the sound system is supplying the camera with 12v instead of 6v
    thanks Stewart

    • It could be that but if it’s drawing enough current to blow a fuse it sounds more likely to be a short to ground. Perhaps the reverse trigger for the camera has been wired up incorrectly. I’d go back to whoever fitted it and ask them to have another look at their wiring. Hope you manage to get it sorted out.

  3. Thank you Andrew, I will check all the wiring.
    After seeing your picture of the camera cable colours, I’ll probably check it myself as I have gained a little knowledge of wiring over the years .I was unaware of the 6v step down, so I have bought a 12v to 6v converter and I will check for a short and also where it connects to the head unit.

  4. Hi in answer to Andri’s question, on one of the large plugs the one with yellow (battery +) red accessory and black negative. there are four wires grey right front + grey/black right front –
    white left front + white/black left front –
    For the rear there are four wires in one plug purple right rear + purple/black right rear –
    green left rear + green/black left rear negative. hope this helps

  5. Hi Andrew: On my toyota alphard hybrid 2005 AH10 I am trying to find the correct connection for my after market Stereo upgrade for the reversing camera. The connection from the vehicle to the old head unit is a square block with a slide connector very similar to a usb male plug. I have searched high and low but cannot find a female socket and I hate slicing wires. I was wondering if have any ideas?

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