Toyota Alphard Reversing Camera Wiring

I had to test a used Toyota Alphard reversing camera recently. I’d sourced a used camera for a customer and wanted to make sure it worked before sending it out. This involved working out the Toyota Alphard reversing camera wiring, so I thought I’d write a brief article about it in case anyone else needs the information (and also for when I need the information again).

This is about the camera with part number 86790-58010, found in many 1st generation Toyota Alphards and probably other Toyota models too.

Picture of a Toyota Alphard reversing camera part number 86790-58010


The first thing to trip you up with the Toyota Alphard reversing camera wiring is that the supply voltage is 6 volts, not 12. My fancy power supply would only go down to 8 volts, and then I also had 5 volts and 3.3 volts available from my modified computer power supply. Also no good.

Luckily I had an old (very old) Nokia phone charger, which was putting out 6 volts. Ideal! You could probably also use 4 x AA batteries in series.

I’ve tried to find out the tolerance on the camera for voltage variation, but unfortunately couldn’t find any more information about this.


There are 4 wires coming out of the reversing camera plug. They are red, black, yellow and white. Here is what they’re for:

Red6 v power in
BlackNegative / ground
YellowVideo positive
WhiteVideo negative / ground
Picture showing Toyota Alphard reversing camera wiring colours

Testing the camera

I made up 2 sets of test leads with suitable pins so they could be inserted into the reversing camera plug. One set was my modified phone charger. The other was a modified phono / RCA lead that I didn’t need any more, with the pin of the phono plug connected to the yellow wire on the camera and the outer shroud to the white.

I connected the phono plug to the composite video input on my AV receiver and switched the power on.

It all worked. The picture was a little pixellated on a HD display but that’s because the screen resolution was way beyond the resolution of the camera. In the vehicle the screen and camera resolution are a much better match for each other.

That’s it!

Now you know the colours and voltage for the Toyota Alphard reversing camera wiring.

I hope this information was useful if you’re troubleshooting a camera problem or doing an aftermarket head unit installation.

If your camera is broken, feel free to get in touch if you’d like me to find a replacement for you.

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